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Leader Talk is a message from CEO. We want to know more about you! Tell us some leadership tricks, your plans, your insights. You can be amazed even yourself, of how many things you can share with the world.

An expert knows all the answers - if you ask the right questions. Each employee can participate in Expert Talk. You just need to prepare a comment in the specific professional area of your business on an interesting topic in both the English and Ukrainian languages and we will share it with a wide audience.


Make yourself visible

News and reviews from members

Make your peers aware of your company’s latest updates & professional achievements. Do not hesitate to share fresh news and analysis with the EBA and we will blare it out!

Be heard

Our friends – and most active business resource – are the mass media community of Ukraine

We have got over 3500 mentions in the media in 2016 and it’s not the limit!

Your concerns will be voiced out loud!
We are always heard!

Make cool PR and Marketing friends

We believe that the people and reputation of a company are the shaping factors for successfully doing business.

Take the opportunity to attend EBA Open Communities, particularly managers who deal with sales and communications, and stay aware of the latest updates and life-hacks from top-level professionals working in PR and marketing. We use best practices for making your business well-known and recognized in relevant circles.

Professionalism is worth sharing and talking about! Let’s get together and discover some insights first hand!

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