We work in line with best lobbying practices to safeguard your company interests

We at the European Business Association envision open public governance and legislative systems, built in line with the highest European and world standards.

We believe our highest role is to enhance the professionalism, accountancy and

communication of the government that foster the business community trust.

We believe stable, open and transparent business environment in Ukraine can be set by ongoing consultation and lobbying work.

Our lobbing team works to maintain a favourable regulatory field for the good of your company

  • We balance the interests of market stakeholders and strive to establish the rule of law in the country
  • We believe in the value of representational services the EBA lobbying professionals provide to Ukrainian business and government.
  • The instruments of the EBA lobbying are policy papers, monthly Committee meetings, investor support, and the EBA appeals to governmental bodies
  • We deal with collective and individual cases

“The EBA is a powerful resource. EBA Health Care Committee unites pharmaceutical and medical communities to act as a single force for the sake of the health care development and, as the Head of EBA Health Care Committee, I am proud to be a part of support to its activities”

Georgiy Viktorov

50,3%: our lobbying effectiveness in 2015

The EBA focuses the attention of its members through its system of Committee Meetings. Each Committee focuses on a specific industry or problem area, and they give our members the opportunity to discuss various professional issues.

By participating in EBA Committees, members are able to work together to find common solutions to common problems and to present a unified response to the authorities.

The EBA Committees provide a key lobbying tool that enables businesspeople to set a frank dialogue with the Ukrainian authorities and to promote and protect industrial interests .

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