Fish for your Business Partner

Business is not only about technology, money, or financial opportunity. All successful business cases revolve around people.

Sure, numbers matter. Technology matters. Efficiency matters. But they don’t matter nearly as much as people do. To succeed in business, you have to understand and value the power of people. It really is that simple.

Without people, every product or service would be worthless. Business-to-business interaction is built on relationship between people.

People are the ultimate consumers who make the decisions. EBA Fish for your Business partner event is your opportunity to build relationship that matter. EBA Fish for your Business Partner events connect you not only to your peers, but to your future partners. Relaxed atmosphere and entertainment options go beyond saying.

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“Great emotions, pleasant and useful contacts!
Thank you for the perfect business-fishing”

Kateryna Soroka

Get in Touch meetings.
Club of 12

Once a month we at the EBA gather 12 people representing various member companies and provides a private, relaxed environment where EBA members have great opportunities to make new connections, have a focused discussion about building a better business and discover ways to adapt some of the lessons learnt for their own workplace.

We carefully choose the venue, atmosphere and selective wines facilitate networking and bring pleasant emotions.

Enter the new team of 12

“I really enjoyed the event format, informal atmosphere and very cosy place!”

Vadim Galkovich
Office Solutions Kyiv

“New extraordinary people - I truly liked it! I must admit this event somehat changed my mindset! Thank you, guys, for a cool and useful evening together!"

Dmitriy Zaikin, Chief Marketing Officer
Unipack logistic

Welcome Coffee

Everything great starts with coffee

Once a month we gather the newbies of the EBA Family for morning coffee - look how it all happens.

Morning coffee, communication and networking

Let your morning start like this – contact us