Your ‘face-to-face’ interaction with top country officials

We at the European Business Association are proud and happy to host open and frank regular meetings with top Ukrainian government officials.

Our General Meetings with country leaders are not “presentations” or “monologues”. EBA General Meetings are interactive, highly interactive dialogues that provide a private, facilitated environment where you can have a focused, honest and challenging discussion with country leaders.

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We facilitate a real and honest conversation with the policymakers and diplomatic corps

EBA Annual
General Membership

The most exquisite
The most relationship-building
Event of the year

The EBA Annual General Membership Meeting is a place where leaders meet. Being the supreme EBA governing body the Annual General Membership Meetings are of strategic importance to the EBA activity. At the EBA AGM the EBA President and Executive Director update the EBA members on the results of Association’s activity and brief on plans for the current year.

Virtual tour of EBA 15th anniversary AGMM

“The EBA is your home away from home”

Trond Moe