Your smart guide to Government Relations

Actually we are your Government Relations professionals. The EBA acts as your company’s spokesperson to government to obtain effective results in policy matters affecting your company and Ukraine’s doing business performance. We serve as a liaison between the government and the private sector on general and specific points of concern.

Through the EBA you are able to work with your peer companies and other stakeholders to develop effective solutions to public policy challenges. The EBA members engage with the government in a collective fashion to advance common interests.

Your trusted experts’ community

One of the biggest advantages EBA members have is the ability to get advice, consultancy, peer-to-peer support, connections to the best industry professionals via EBA open Committees.

The EBA Open Committees are selective groups of open-minded professionals from nearly every industry.

Our open Committee members constantly share knowledge and best practices, update one another on the newest industry trends and developments on their markets.

Each EBA member can join any open Committee. You just have to choose your perfect one!

Being a Committee member, you will receive all information updates you need for your work – just into your mailbox!