Expand and explore your world today
through our entertainment options

Enriching your life means making your life as fulfilling, meaningful, and filled with joy as possible. We have some ideas for you!
We at the EBA truly believe networking is the opposite to NOT working, and you depend on your social contacts for a fulfilled life. People you know can help you in your profession or be friends who provide emotional support and companionship.

We enrich your social circle

It is always in your interests to enlarge your circle - how do you go about this? The simplest way you can do is to become a guest of our events – a place where people gather in an ambiance that is conducive to getting to know each other – and have fun!

Your Social Events.

Sometimes it’s just great to socialize

From exquisite wine-tasting soirees accompanied by sweet sounds of jazz to lively brain games and quests – you will have everything here.

Turn off notification on your smartphone, and enjoy the ambiance, speak to people, make valued connections, listen to jazz and try selected wines. Real-world socializing is the next Big Thing – do you agree?

Your Sport.

One spirit, one team, one winner

Sport tournaments we hold include golf, football, tennis, basketball, squash and bowling and many other!

We guarantee team spirit, fresh emotions, unforgettable moments and plenty of connections!

Eager to play? Contact Olga Tansyura

Your Family.

In Time of Rest – in Time of Test – Family is Best!

Spend some quality time with your beloved ones and kids - lots of entertainment and games will be proposed to you during our family events. Moreover, they are usually organized outdoors!

For all family-oriented events please talk to Kateryna Dermenzhi